Friday, 18 May 2012

Holy Places

Every Week on this page I will be doing a post about the #FriFoto theme:

This Weeks #FriFoto Theme is HOLY PLACES I have luckily had the honour to witness some humbling Holy Places whilst on my round the world trip. Such as Monks blessing the local children next to the Angkor Thom Temples:

The Temple of The Emerald Buddha – The Grand Palace – Bangkok. You have to cover up out of respect the atmosphere reminds me of visiting the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Another holy place that – sadly I have no photo for:

An upsetting photo of a holy place in rubble; a Church in rubble in the city of Christ Church after the earthquake:

The hidden Buddha buried in Phu Kham Cave – Vang Veing Laos. I can’t really explain the feeling you get when you mind this buried in the middle of a mountain cave – there were incense sticks lit from where the locals had been praying:

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 Which photo is your favourite?

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