Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Top 10 Things To Have In Your Backpack

This is a compilation of random top 10 bits of advice I have from my experience backpacking!

Top 10 Things You Need In Your Backpack

When I was packing I had no clue what to bring, I bought a lot of unnecessary items and didn’t bring a lot of necessary ones, then spent a lot of money acquiring them. Also a suitcase instead of a backpack is fine at no point are you hauling all your stuff up any mountains, in fact a suitcase is probably the best idea. And the best most important tip of all is pack light and pack only stuff you love – you will have nothing but what you pack for a very long time!

10. Hiking boots / good trainers – you will at some point need them and buying them on the road is expensive.

9. A warm Jacket – you are not on holiday you will be in all weather conditions.

8. A laptop with lots of movies, journeys can be long and there are a lot of boring nights with no entertainment.

7. 1 good pair of jeans no more no less they can add weight and you will throw away any extras.

6. Insect / bug killer between mossies and bed bugs this stuff is a god send.

5. A sewing kit – small and is a lot cheaper than buying new stuff when your clothes are torn.

4. 2 nice dresses / night time clothes – it can be horrible having nothing to wear when you go out.

3. Hair straighteners / dryer – don’t listen when people laugh and say you won’t need them. There is always a plug socket.

2. A universal adaptor.

1. Baby Wipes – the absolute most necessary item. There is never toilet roll, you can remove your make-up and in desperate situations wash yourself with them when there is no showers.

Good Luck and happy travels! xx

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