Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Super 7 Shots

Hostelbookers has been running a meme amongst the travel blogger community for a little while where you enter your 7 super shots! It is encouraging Travellers to share their favourite pics in seven separate categories. As a new blogger I haven’t been nominated perse – however Adventurous Kate did say she nominates anyone who wants to participate; and I am taking her up on her offer:

So here it is my Super 7 shots:

A Photo that takes my breath away:

The Sunset on the riverbank in Luang Prabang – Laos; Laos has some of the most spectacular Scenery that I have ever seen, however this picture of the Sunset outside of my hostel takes my breath away it just sums up the beauty of the country.

A Photo That Makes Me Laugh Or Smile:

A monkey on Monkey Beach on Ko Phi Phi  - Thailand; on the island of Ko Phi Phi there is a small beach that is inhabited by monkeys (very vicious monkeys) . I don’t think that this needs much explaining a monkey drinking Coke is just funny.

A Photo That Makes Me Dream:

My Back Garden – Sydney; whilst living in Sydney I rented an apartment with 4 other travellers, a very posh one on the harbour – with boats. This photo was taken whilst chilling down on the harbour in our back garden with some fishing rods and Corona. This photo always makes me dream of those amazing times, and our poor boats that were lost to the bottom of the Ocean R.I.P

A Photo That Makes Me Think:

The Skulls Of The Dead – S-12- Cambodia; In the late 70’s the Khmer Rouge Party took control of Cambodia and inflicted upon its people a reality worse than Hell. Children taught to kill their parents, its people forced to work on farms until they starved, imprisoned in tiny cells and then sent to death camps. The scars of this are still with the Cambodian people who are resilient.  This photo was in S-12 the central prison in Phnom phen. The Skulls are of females aged 15 – 25.

A Photo That Makes My Mouth Water:

Ok – Not one to take photos of my food I found this one difficult, however, this one, had to go to a Khmer BBQ in Siam Reap Cambodia.  It was not the most delicious thing that I had however maybe the most unusual so it deserves a mention. In this pot of water is Noodles, Vegetables, Chicken, Snake and Crocodile – Yum!!

A Photo With A Story:

Well this has no competition – The Bus at The Blue Mountains – Australia; this had to be the photo as it is the first outing of our infamous bus that toured The East Coast of Australia. It is the very beginning of an epic story.

A Photo I Am Most Proud Of (AKA My Worthy Of National Geographic Shot):

Floating Lanterns at the TET Festival (Chinese and Vietnamese New Year) Hoi An Vietnam. I spent TET in Hoi An Vietnam – this beautiful sleepy town in Vietnam is definitely one of my favourite destinations. In the run up to new year the locals light a lantern and send it down the river, it is truly spectacular.

Please let me know what you think of my selections and if you want to take part in Super 7 Shots please do and say that I referred you.


  1. Interesting shots. Here are my 7 photos

  2. great series of images...a monkey drinking coke...no wonder they are aggressive